Exceeding Customer Expectations Since 1961

 Product Features:

 Collision Switch:
 (“Big Switch™”)

  • Single or multi-key/zone
  • Oversized touch surface from 1
     square inch to many square feet
• Actuation pressures can be
     regulated from a few ounces to
     several pounds
  • EMI, RFI, & ESD shielding
  • Fail-safe check circuits available
    with custom circuitry
  • Various interconnect devices
  • Produced with or without
  • Multi-colored graphics
  • Can be applied to radius as
    small as .500”

 Proximity Sensing

  • Range/Distance customizable
  • Multi-level detection

 • Big Switch & proximity sensing
   available together or seperately



Technical Data:
 Collision Switch:
 (“Big Switch™”)

   • Closed Contact Resistance:
     Varies w/ circuit configuration &
    size (Generally less than 100Ω)

   • Power:
    1 watt maximum)

   • Life Expectancy:
     5 million actuations (Depending
     upon operating environment & method of

   • Temperature Range:
     Storage: -40°C to 90°C / -40°F to 194°F
    Operating: -20°C to 70°C / -4°F to 158°F

 Proximity Sensing
   • Operating Current:
     <175µA @ 2V, 4 MHz typical

   • Standby Current:
     100 nA @ 2V typical
      **Simple, 1 button design**