The Hall Company has been providing world-class solutions to customers in the sensor, printed electronics, and identification product markets globally since 1961. William D. Hall Sr., who was an aeronautical engineer by trade, founded The Hall Company in his basement in Urbana, Ohio initially to serve the aerospace industry. The company’s initial product offerings included metal nameplates, foil labels, printed lenses, and metal control panels. The Hall Company supported the budding space program by providing printed lenses and nameplates to the Gemini and Apollo space missions. As the company grew its engineering and production capabilities, it started producing graphical overlays and printed circuit boards.

The Hall Company was one of the first companies to bring membrane switches to the market in the late 1970s and has continually fostered innovation in this market segment. The Hall Company became a pioneer in the collision sensor industry producing large sensors for wide variety of medical devices, industrial equipment, and automobiles using their Big Switch™ product. Today, The Hall Company designs and produces Collision Sensors, membrane switches, capacitive switches, sensors, graphical overlays, nameplates, labels, and other identification products for a variety of customers and industries globally. Some of the world’s most trusted brands rely on The Hall Company’s products every day in countless countries.

Time Line

1961 – William D. Hall Sr. founds The Hall company in his basement

1963 – The Hall Company moves to its current location in Urbana, Ohio

1964 – The Hall Company begins working with NASA on parts for the Gemini Missions

1966 – The Hall Company completes its first factory expansion

1967 – The Hal Company begins working on the Apollo Space Missions

1969 – A Hall Company Part on The Lunar Rover Reaches the Moon

Early 1970’s – The Hall Company starts producing printed circuit boards

Mid 1970’s – The Hall Company works with GM on circuit boards for intermittent windshield wipers

1978 – The Hall Company completes its second factory expansion

1978 – The Hall Company starts working on its first membrane switch offering

1978 – James A. Hall takes over as President of The Hall Company

1981 – The Hall Company brings its first Big Switch product to market

1983 – The Hall Company Is Granted It’s First Patent on A Membrane Switch Assembly

Early 1980’s – The Hall Company works with Walt Disney World On controls for their monorails

Mid 1980’s – The Hall Company works on an application for Penske Racing

1990’s – Mitsubishi goes into production on the 3000GT Spyder using The Hall Company’s Big Switch Product To protect items in the trunk

2001 – The Hall Company buys its first industrial laser

2002 – The Hall Company becomes ISO 9001 Certified

2005 – The Hall Company integrates laser cutting into everyday processes

Mid – Late 2000’s – The Hall Company starts working on capacitive technologies

2008 – Kyle J. Hall takes over as the third president of The Hall Company

2008 – The Hall Company Ships Its First Capacitive Interface

2009 – The Hall Company integrates automated component placement into its processes

2009 – The Hall Company gains ISO 9001 / 2008 certification

2011 – The Hall Company adds additional space to its screen-printing department

2011 – The Hall Company Integrates Digital Printing into its processes

2012 – The Hall Company Ships Its First Big Switch Capacitive Sensor Array

2013 – The Hall Company’s international sales grow to more than 30% of total sales

2017 – The Hall Company gains ISO 9001 / 2015 Certification

William D. Hall

A Hall Company Part Reaches the Moon

James A. Hall

Kyle J. Hall