Graphic Overlays are one of the first things a user sees and can be described as the face of your product. Graphic overlays are used as a layer in both membrane switches and capacitive switches, but can also be a stand-alone layer on your product. They can be designed to work in conjunction with mechanical controls and are one of the most important features on a product conveying brand identity and important user operations. The Hall Company has been producing high quality graphical overlays since the early days of its business operations. Our design team has the expertise and skill to bring your product’s face to life and help you to ensure your product stands out from the competition.   

What is a graphical overlay?

A graphical overlay is a thin flexible printed plastic film with decorative designs printed on it. They are a critical component of a device as they can be one of the first impressions a user has. They serve as instructions for a user interface, to convey your brand imagery or color schemes, as protection for your product, and to be one of the first touch points for your product. A graphic overlay can be a layer of a membrane or capacitive switch, or a stand-alone graphic on your product.  Graphical overlays can be made from Polycarbonates or polyesters. Polyesters are thinner materials and have chemical resistance properties.  This makes them ideal for environments with harsh chemicals such as industrial applications or for medical products that will be subjected to rigorous cleaning. Polycarbonates have great impact resistance properties and also have good transparency.  Our team of engineers can help you determine what will be the right material for your application.  The Hall Company offers both screen printed and digitally printed graphical overlays.  Digitally printed graphics have the ability to offer finer resolution and very intricate printed designs while screen printed graphics and offer a more durable product for harsher operating conditions.  Our team of engineers can help you to decide with option is better. all metal look to it while still utilizing capacitive technologies that give the ability for very finite sensing options.

Graphical Overlay Options

  • Custom color matching and intricate graphical layer design – Our team has the experience to make the face of your product stand out from the field.
  • Materials – Polyester and Polycarbonates
  • Printing – Screen Printing and Digital Printing
  • Embossed areas – Areas can be embossed, or raised or lowered, to give a feel guide to where a key is. This can be a pillow or ring emboss
  • Backlighting – Custom backlighting solutions for your product can include; led light guide films, EL Lamps, and fiber optics. While LED light guide films can provide the most even lighting options, each application has its advantages and we can help guide you to the best solution for your project.
  • Display windows – These can be incorporated into a variety of shapes and sizes and can be tinted or clear
  • Hard Coating – Hard Coating can be applied for harsh environments
  • Textures – Different textures can be applied to your overlay for different product feels