The Hall Company was founded in 1961 making identification products for aviation applications. We have deep roots in this business and over the years have made just about every type of identification product possible. From metal nameplates, to foil labels, to printed plastic labels and decals, and many other types of identification products. Our team has vast amounts of experience in this field can help design and manufacture this important part of your product. We have the equipment and experience to make sequential and serialized UID barcoded products for you as well.

Metal Nameplates

The Hall Company has extensive experience producing nameplates for almost any application and industry imaginable. We specialize in aviation nameplates and our staff understands the rigorous requirements of producing products for the aviation markets and has the experience to fulfill the paperwork required for these types of products. Nameplates have traditionally been metal products but plastic nameplates have shown growth over recent years due to their light weight and durability.  Nameplates can be of any shape or size from 1/2’’ square on .003’’ foil to 36’’ X 48” on .125” thick material.  Materials include aluminum, stainless steel, cold rolled steel, polycarbonates, polyesters, and acrylics. We offer anodized nameplates, etched nameplates, etched and fill processes, anodized etched, screen printing or digital printing processes, and any combinations of these processes.  We can also anodize in multiple colors on the same nameplate.  Nameplates can have a flat or glossy clear coat applied and can come with a variety of textures applied to them. Nameplates can also come with or without adhesive backing. We also have experience and the equipment necessary to produce UID nameplates and nameplates with sequential serial numbers. Screen printed or digitally printed nameplates can come in any color combination possible and can showcase your brand and product identity. We also offer through holes and corner radiuses punched into nameplates to ensure the product will work with your application. Nameplates have almost endless options available and our team can help you to realize your product’s vision.


Plastic Labels

The Hall Company also has extensive experience producing labels and has been in this business since it first started producing graphical overlays in the early stages of its business.  We primarily serve the medical, aviation, industrial, consumer, and electronic markets, but have made labels for about every application possible over the years.  As with metal nameplates, our team has extensive experience working with aviation customers and the necessary paperwork to produce parts for today’s aviation industry. We produce labels on both polycarbonate and polyester substrates. Polycarbonates have more impact resistance and have a natural transparency.  Polycarbonates have chemical resistance properties and are well suited for industrial and medical applications where they may be subject to harsh environments or rigorous cleaning.  Our team of experienced engineers can help to determine what material will be best suited for your application. Our labels can be domed, fully embossed, or ring embossed to meet your product design requirements and ensure your product stands out from the competition.

Nameplate Options

  • Materials Available – Polycarbonate, polyester, acrylic, metal foils, aluminum, steel, & cold rolled steel
  • Processes Available – Screen Printing, digital printing, anodize, etched, etched & filled, anodized etched, or any combination of these processes depending on the material used.
  • Aluminum can be anodized in multiple colors.
  • Coatings – textures, matte, flat or glossy clear coats.
  • Adhesives – can be applied to adhere to a variety of surfaces.
  • Through Holes & Corner Radiuses – Can be applied to your specifications.

Label Options

  • Materials Available – Polycarbonates, polyesters, and acrylics.
  • Embossing – full emboss or ring embossed
  • Doming – A domed clear coving can be applied
  • Printing – Screen Printing and digital printing
  • Adhesive – can come with a variety of adhesives to adhere to your products specifications.