The Hall Company has a long history of solving customers challenging printing applications for aviation, medical, industrial, electronic, and consumer products. We embrace complex challenges and strive to exceed our customers expectations. Our team of experienced engineers think out of the box and can come up with a custom solution tailored to your specific needs.

Silicone Rubber Keycaps

Silicone rubber keypads can be an excellent solution for harsh environments. Silicone rubber keypads are produced from elastomer rubber compounds and are placed on top of a switch. They can be high profile with a strong tactile response and are an excellent choice for high moisture environments. Silicone rubber keypads have long lifespans and can withstand abuse.  These make them ideal for applications such as medical products, aviation products, military applications, and industrial applications.  They are also very common in consumer items.  Our team of engineers can help you to design a product that will be the right fit for your project.

Radiopaque Printing

The Hall Company can print parts with radio opaque inks which can be used in different types of medical imaging scans. Radiopaque printing allows a part to not have opacity to radiation. This gives the ability to have an item that can be seen in imaging scans.  For instance, a radiopaque ruler could be printed and used to in conjunction with a medical scan to show how large or small an abnormality is.

Dead fronting

Dead fronting is a process of diffusing light and is useful in a myriad of printed products.  A dead fronted product can have text, logos, or keys that appear hidden until light from a led or other light source is applied to it.  This is commonly used in commercial aviation in passenger communication devices that need to be turned on and off, for instance a fasten seat belt sign.  It can also help to give an attractive look to a keypad or overlay when you want certain features to remain black or whited out until activated.  Our team of engineers has the experience to help your product achieve your desired results.

High Clearance Printing 

The Hall Company has the equipment and expertise to print on top of covers and thicker materials, such as product bezels.  We commonly incorporate this into many of our existing products and can help you with your products design.  Items can be both digitally and screen printed allowing for designs from functional to very complex.

Difficult to print materials

The team at The Hall Company can help to find a solution for you on materials that present printing challenges.  With experience printing on a multitude of substrates for medical, aviation, industrial, and commercial applications, we have the knowledge to help you solve complex printing problems.  From our early days of printing on special lenses for naval and space applications to today with printing on glass rated for fireplace doors we can help you to bring your product to market.